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Vintage Paris Coffee & Wine Café

Written by Tamara Styer | Photographed by Robert Piper

Vintage Paris is a trendy little coffee and wine café located in eccentric downtown Hollister, Missouri. Just a short drive outside of Branson, this coffee shop is an exceptional offering for the local artistic community.

The atmosphere in especially inviting, with a company focus on community, artistry, skillfulness, enjoyment and individuality. The walls are decorated with local art and photography, various Parisian adornments and a wall of mugs saved specifically for local regulars. Various mismatched couches and chairs are arranged as if in a living room, lending a homey feel to this century old house.

Vintage Paris offers a multitude of specialty lattes, such as the “Marie Antoinette,” a sweet and delicious white chocolate raspberry latte, or the “Renoir,” made with dark chocolate, coconut and almond. They also offer Italian Espresso, cappuccino, cold brew, teas and just about anything you could want from a specialty coffee sh…

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