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Ramen, Drunken Noodles & Bibimbap at Noodle 21

Noodle 21 is a trendy Branson, Missouri restaurant that offers a variety of Asian dishes, including some of our favorite indulgences like ramen, pho, pad thai, drunken noodles, fried rice and even sushi. The ambiance of the restaurant is more on the American side and has a cozy, inviting feel with Top 40 music and modern decor.

We came in with a craving for a hot, brothy bowl of ramen, but we ended up ordering three different dishes from the diverse menu. We try to approach Branson Foodie Magazine with a dish by dish format, but we just couldn’t choose one! Once our food arrived, we enjoyed our heaping bowl of ramen and the spicy Thai drunken noodles, but our favorite thing on the table was the Korean Bibimbap.

Bibimbap was something new for me, but Piper had previously eaten this dish when he lived in Korea. There, the popular dish is served surrounded by several bowls offering various flavorful vegetables and condiments which are meant to be mixed into the rice bowl. Bibimbap, (pron…

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